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Cisco IP Communicator : How to define QoS on Laptop

Question asked by khanm1977 on Feb 15, 2010
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I've been in the porcess of testing the Cisco IP Communicator version 7X and so far the results have not been encouraging when any other activity happens on the laptop like email received, PPT opened etc the voice quality certainly degrades. I was looking at how to define QoS on the client laptops so that the voice is given preference over data with any third party integration.


I've read lot about it but no solution found so far, we use Cisco VPN concentrator 3030. But nothing we can control regarding QoS even defined defined on the VPNS end and it has to defined on the laptop.


here's the situation i'm on to explain :


A 64k or 128k link may be okay if there is absolutely nothing else on the
line. When you have a user on one of those links and they start checking
email or browsing the web, the call quality will degrade almost completely.


Thanks any help or guidance will be appreciated.