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CUCIMOC "a la carte" Licensing

Question asked by kennymarus on Jan 20, 2010
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Good day,


I have a question in regards to the licensing required for CUCIMOC. In reading the ordering guide it states that I will need Qty 1) of “UCIMOC8-K9” as a top level and a minimum Qty of 1 “UCIMOC8-LIC”. Does this “UCIMOC8-LIC” need to be the quantity of CUCIMOC users I am going to have in my environment? (e.g. 600 users would require 600 of “UCIMOC8-LIC”?)


I do understand the DLU requirements per CUCIMOC user based on primary or secondary use of the client. Just confused on the licensing above.


Additionally, is there a  UCSS SKU for CUCIMOC?


Thanks in advance