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Unity Connection 7 forward voicemail to email

Question asked by katberts on Jan 19, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by rybloom

Hi there,

I'm in an interesting situation where I have a customer whose end users are connected to legacy PBX and have Unity Connection 7 for their voicemail.  I have no visibility into the UCM6 to see how it is configured but the end users are interested in being able to forward voicemails to their emails.  I have a test number set up that I tried to modify the message actions to "relay the message" to my email address.  I called the test number and left a message.  I did not receive any message in my email ( I use Lotus notes). My email address is not on the customer's network, but that shouldn't make a difference, I reasoned.  I then added my email address to the SMTP Proxy Address; called the test number, left a message and again did not receive any email.


In my readings of Connection 7, it seems to indicate that I can forward voicemails to email.  Does this not work because I am not on the customer's network?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide!!!