From mgcp to SIP

Discussion created by cesar.fiestas on Dec 18, 2009

                                                                             From MGCP to SIP


I recently started working at Lance, INC as a Sr Network Administrator, and the company remote sites were configured as mgcp sites, me being a sip fan, decided to change our remotes sites from mgcp to SIP, and one of the main reasons as to why I did this, is because I wanted our remote sites to be fully redundant with SRST, AAR, ISDN, VPN, MPLS, TARSG (I called this Telco Access Remote Sip Gateway), which is nothing other than utilizing a remote site gateway as a way out to the pstn in the event our ucm cluster is unaccesible and as well our local PRI is down), SRST Voicemail, anyhow converting the sites to mgcp was pretty easy, of course to minimize the downtime I will build my config in notepad and when ready i will just simply copy and paste the config to my vg, do the respective changes in ucm and thats it. Now I must admit that tunning the VG to be able to talk to the Telco Access Remote Sip Gateway, meaning passing the calls from vg to vg to access the pstn and passing dtmf correclty was a little bit tricky (solution few commands in the VG) making the transfer feature possible between incoming local call to the local site and transfer to vm or call forward to an external number was tricky as well (solution was to use the local vg software mtp's), conclusion...Our company remote sites are part of our centralized cluster but at any point or time or when needed in case there local pri is down, mpls is down, in the event of bandwitdh congestion, our remote sites can function totally independent from our centralized cluster and all this my friend with SIP. Cisco Has done an excellent job with enhancing, developing and making available more SIP features to ucm and the IOS than ever before.


To accomplished what i have done it took ucm 7.1.3, IOS 124-24-T1 advanced, I must say that i am still doing SRST SCCP instead of SRST SIP I will make this convertion later in the year.


Just wanted to share this with the members of this forum, I will post part of the configs and set up later