Tech Tip :How to configure CME Broadcast Hunt Group ?

Discussion created by deepaul on Dec 16, 2009

In a parallel hunt group, calls simultaneously ring multiple phones. In versions  earlier than Cisco Unified CME 4.3, only SIP
phones support parallel hunt  groups. In Cisco Unified CME 4.3 and later versions, SCCP phones also support  voice hunt groups. 

In the following parallel hunt group example, when callers dial  extension 1000, extension 1001, 1002, and so on ring
simultaneously. The  first extension to answer is connected. If none of the extensions answers, the  call is forwarded to
extension 2000, which is the number for the voice-mail  service.

voice hunt-group 4 parallel
pilot 1000
list 1001, 1002,  1003, 1004
final 2000
timeout 20

Prior to CME 4.3, you can  enable functionality similar to parallel hunt groups on SCCP phones by using the  ephone-dn overlay
feature for shared lines.