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Queries about Vrf monitoring from Nexus7000

Question asked by MuraliChundru on Jan 31, 2017
  1. Is there any mib which gives the list of Vrfs configured in Nexus 7K devices? cContextMappingVrfName is giving the vrfs mapped to snmp-contexts, but is there any other mib to get all the Vrfs? 
  2. Which MIB to poll to get the list of Interfaces of a vrf in Nexus7K devices? [ respective cli commands: “sh ip interface brief vrf <vrf>” or “sh vrf interface” ]
  3. Please confirm if the following approach is correct to fetch the routing table specific to a vrf using snmp from Nexus7K devices?
    • Map an snmp-context to the vrf interested.
    • Map an snmp community to the above snmp-context.
    • For SNMPv2, use the above community to poll ipRouteTable
    • For SNMPv3, use the snmp-context in the query to poll ipRouteTable.