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PCCE 11.5 - servers are not available

Question asked by mneubacher on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by mneubacher

Hi team,


I'm experiencing problems with the PCCE 11.5 lab this week. I was able to solve most problems by canceling the active reservation and creating a new one.


But today I'm not able to get a fully working lab up and running. For each reservation another machine failed. Usually a single machine isn't reachable from VPN and isn't even pingable from machines within the lab network. Status looks ok in lab management, no errors in output or activity view.


Here's what happened today:

  • 1st reservation: DAW PCCE-007 not available
  • 2nd reservation: Progger 11.5 PCCE-010 not available
  • 3rd reservation: Finesse 11.5 PCCE-004 & CUCM Publisher 11.5 PCCE-003 not available