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CMX link to Ekahau

Question asked by brianpmcp on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by dderidde

Hi All,


Looking for some guidance or suggestions. Our customer recently installed 1832 APs and a 8510 controller, along with CMX 10.2. The customer uses Ekahau location services which is configured to get location detail from the CMX server. They are reporting issues that tag locations stop updating. Tag detail on the CMX service is updating fine and the NMSP link to the controller is good. All services on the dashboard are green. The first time I restarted CMX services and this resolved the issue. I have logged Tac which is being investigated.


I'm guessing Ekahau is connecting to a CMX API to get the location detail. My query would be is there any way to monitor the API and alert if it stops working.