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ACI/APIC monitoring

Question asked by christianmeutes on Jan 24, 2017

Hi guys,


not sure if this is the right place to ask, I'll give it a try:


I played a lot with all those SNMP settings, but somehow I'am not able to configure them in a way to receive OIDs for things like TCAM resources and other important counters.


I'am wondering what the preferred method might be to fetch this data to be able to create graphs and threshold based alarms in our NMS (OpenNMS).


Now I'am trying to figure out if acitoolkit has the methods to gather this information. It seems to me that acitoolkit has no methods to gather this information.


Can anyone say me how I'am suppose to integrate ACI with a typical NMS or at least point me to some library able to do this?


Thanks & best regards