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XMPP Error: Not Authorized

Question asked by rdediana on Jan 21, 2017
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Reviewed the below post and followed the the guidance there.

Authentication failure in java client using BOSH into finesse notification server


The below image illustrates my attempt to login into our local dev environment.


when using the following configuration parameters in Adium for:


Account Tab:

     Jabber ID:

     Pasword: *******

Options Tab:

     Connect Server:

     Security: Allow plaintext authentication


the sequence gets to 75%, prompts for password, then errors with not authorized.






if i try same configuration parameters, but changing Jabber ID to agent1 i receive the below error.




any thoughts or trouble guidance would be greatly appreciated.


one last thing, i was able to successfully connect using the devnet sandbox environment using this client IE: user012 used during the learning lab instructions.