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    Could we edit/design the Sanbox Lab ??


      Hi People,


      Is there any option that we could design our Collaboration Sandbox like addition/deletion of CME routers/ phones/Switches for Lab preparation ? if NOT then what are my options ?





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          At the moment all of our labs are of fixed topologies. In order to add further devices to a collaboration environment, we would need to sit down with you and list your requirements and objectives. If the additions you require are Virtual Machines, we can usually accommodate that. However, if your requirement is hardware (as you mention above), it complicates deployment and  usually results in excess support i.e. time


          We would be happy to have a webex with you to see what you need. However, i do know that in situations like this, the ask can be more than we cater for (especially if specialised hardware/configuration is required).




          Joe Kearns