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Trigger a 3rd party gadget to run on incoming call

Question asked by atabekjan on Jan 19, 2017
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Hi all,


Here is the behavior I am looking to achieve with Finesse 11.5 and UCCE 10.5. When a call comes is, a POST request with info from one of the call variables (customer ID) is passed to an external API which returns a certain piece of info. This info is then processed and displayed to an agent inside of Finesse.


I have first looked into workflows in Finesse, but got the impression it's too limited for the use case. For example, it's able to send a POST request, but not read the response or do anything with it.


The setup I am considering now would look as following:


3rd party gadget inside of Finesse would first call Finesse API (/User/{id}/Dialogs) to read the value of the relevant call variable. It then appends it to the POST request, reads the response and processes/visualizes it as necessary.


The question is, how can I have this procedure start with an incoming call, similar to how Finesse workflows are configured?


Thank you.