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Troubleshooting VMware Inventory

Question asked by damonchance on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by snoopj123

We are running against vSphere 6 update 2 as our cloud.


I feel like the VMware inventory is not updating correctly.  We added a portgroup to vCenter about 10 days ago and when I go to add it to the Network Policy for VNIC0 its not listed as an option from the picker.  Additionally we are running into situations where the static IP pool is not updating to reflect the fact that servers are no longer using IP addresses and its causing our VM builds to fail. 


I have gone into the Polling for the Cloud and Requested inventory collection, also I see all the 15 min polling taking place.  They always say complete and I'm not seeing any other errors.  Is there somewhere I can go to ensure this is completing correctly?  I'm not finding much on the support site.