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Finesse api queue information ?

Question asked by Rene.dejager1 on Jan 9, 2017
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Not sure if this is the right forum to ask.

In 2017 we will migratie to UCCX 11.5 and we need to update some of our other software to include information that is pulled out of our CC-platform. (curently Mitel Solidus Ecare 7.01)


Reading the Finesse API docs I found the Queu API which can deliver the following information:

• callsInQueue*

• startTimeOfLongestCallInQueue*

• agentsReady*

• agentsNotReady*

• agentsTalkingInbound*

• agentsTalkingOutbound*

• agentsTalkingInternal*

• agentsWrapUpNotReady

• agentsWrapUpReady

The information with a * is exactly what i need, unfortunatly I also read that the Queue API is not supported in UCCX.


I wonder if there is any other way to get that data real life out of the uccx database and if so how would I aproach that resolution?