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CMX 10.2 Get Tag History

Question asked by andy.julius1 on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by andy.julius1


I am trying to retrieve location history for tags in CMX 10.2 using API https://<domain>/api/location/v1/history/tags/<tag_mac_addr>

However, it always return []


Currently, our CMX will push notification on TAGS location update to our services.

The services will try to retrieve each location updated TAG to call the API https://<domain>/api/location/v1/tags/<tag_mac_addr> to retrieve the tag location along with vendor specific data (because location update notification has limited information).

However, as the API polling to retrieve the location for each tag is only the latest (imagine there is 1000 other tags on Queue)0, we would also wanted to retrieve the location history if missed.


Is there anyway I can achieve this (or is tag history obsolete in 10.2)?