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BiB troubleshooting

Question asked by dustin_armstrong on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by mstover

We have done the following to an 8851

1. enabled its Built in Bridge (BiB)

2. configured it for automatic call recording enabled

3. setup a recording profile and configured the phone to use it

4. Setup recording media source to "phone preferred".

5. Setup a route pattern and SIP trunk to the recording device


When I call the route pattern directly, the trunk is engaged a call is made to the recording device. However, when we make a call to the 8851 which should engage the route pattern and send a fork of the audio via BiB to the recording device, this never happens.


My question: How can we test the BiB to make sure it is working in the phone? Is there anything else we should do to make the phone engage the route pattern automatically to send a fork of the audio to the recording device?