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    APIC-EM Network Discovery



      I reserved an APIC-EM LAB and I am not able to start a new network discovery.

      I am using this credentials:

      For CLI:


      password: 1vtG@lw@y


      I do not know what credentials for SNMP should I use.

      Please tell me what CLI and SNMP credentials should I use.


      Thank you!

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          you have 2 methods to find the credentials for snmp for Discovery:

          1. check the online document (Lab architecture and network element information) with the sandbox, but here are the login parameters you need RO community string 'public ' RW connunity string 'cisco123'
          2. login to each device and search for the snmp RW and RO parameters on the switch and routers
          3. Create your own variables on the devices and use them as the SNMP query parameters for Discovery initiation.