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    Sandbox Lab - PCCE Usage issues


      I’m having an issue using a provisioned and active PCCE sandbox lab.

      the attached document are some of my observations.

      in short, i am able to access the lab using the VPN credentials provided after reserving a new lab and activation has completed. however, after connecting (via VPN) the only thing i can do is PING the core systems from my local terminal. i can not access anything via RDP or HTTP(S).

      any suggestions and support would be greatly appreciate. i have an important engagement on monday which we are dependant on this labs functionality.



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          Investigating this morning,


          I hope to get back with you shortly!




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            Hello Jacob.


            I was able to resolve the access issues by using my local lab Windows7 laptop. i simply followed the Anyconnect / remote access installation and configuration instructions to access the lab.


            However, the Macbook pro wasn’t able to properly operate in the environment – after the remote access connection was established.


            Again, in short, once connected to the lab / session using my macbook + anyconnect I could only ping the various hosts in the lab; attempting to connect using a browser to admin and client apps failed. Connecting with Remote Desktop (RDP) failed. I tried everything from installing certs, to clearing cache, to updating and trying various RDP clients. Nothing.


            My urgency has been downgraded, since I have a secondary laptop to use.


            Thanks for the support, and I would be interested in understanding how to resolve for future Lab usage.





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              Hi Regan,


              I reserved the PCCE lab today and found it operating correctly.  I don't use a MAC and can't speak about using RDP from a MAC.  However the lab does support RDP access via a Guacamole server.  This Guacamole server provides RDP access via HTML.


              To use the Guacamole RDP functionality,  hover your mouse over the DAW PCCE-010 server.  You'll see a fly-out menu appear.  Select the down arrow then RDP.  An HTML RDP session will be established to the server.




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                Hi Craig,


                thanks for the message.


                as for the Guacamole RDP functionality recommendation, i had tried that using my Macbook with Firefox, Chrome, Safari browser with zero success; it would initiate a connection attempt, but never actually connect. however, as suggested, i also had success using Window machine connecting to RDP using Guacamole.


                No idea if this is a mac security, os version, or environment issue - however, my laptop refresh is up and it's one more nudge to return to windows   although, this may still be something worth investigating, since, there may still be many other Mac users unwilling to convert.