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Why do logout of agents takes too long sometimes?

Question asked by mario.covarrubias on Dec 15, 2016
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I hope someone can help us.


We implemented Cisco PCCE 10.5, which is integrated with a third party application thanks to web services. These web services use Finesse APIs in order to make the necessary changes in Contact Center, like LOGIN and LOGOUT of agents, and also CHANGE OF AGENT STATE when it's necessary, among other Finesse APIs that are used.


Right now we are facing one issue with the LOGOUT process. Sometimes, the LOGOUT goes smoothly, finishing in an average time of 0.050 seconds. However, there are times when it takes up to 4 or 5 seconds to complete, and we don't really now why this happens.


I attach a log file with an example of an agent with ID = 33, which did a LOGOUT that took about 5 seconds to complete.


Thanks in advance for your help.