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Finesse Administration page not opening after FRESH Installation.

Question asked by ritesh.desai on Dec 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by ritesh.desai

Hi folks,


Am installing PCCE 11 as CC solution at customer place. After fresh installation of Finesse 11, administration URL not opening. Though of some files missed during installation, so i re-installed the Finesse server. Again the same error in front of my screen.

URL: https://finesseIPaddress/cfadmin ---- accessing using IPv4 protocol. IPV6 is disabled so no port 8445 mentioned.


Using docwiki, I followed the document: Administration: Administration sign-in page does not load after fresh installation - DocWiki

but still no luck after stopping "Cisco Tomcat" and restarting Finesse server.


Tried opening in Google Chrome and IE11 but no luck.


Please suggest. Am working in tight deadline to meet customer requirements, prompt revert will be highly appreciated.



Ritesh Desai.