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How to resolve Invalid Device CF_GENERIC_UNSPECIFIED agent desktop login

Question asked by on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by dekwan


i have logged into pidgin and after trying to login into agent login panel. it is not signing in showing below error on web page


"Sign-in is taking too long. Please sign out and sign in again.."


In pidgin console showing below error message


<message from='' to='' id='/finesse/api/User/'>

  <event xmlns=''>

  <items node='/finesse/api/User/Agent002'>

  <item id='4bd1cc79-3aa4-482d-a766-ad6bf61b110248'>

  <notification xmlns=''><Update>






        <errorType>Invalid Device</errorType>













How could i get ride of the above error to see the agent desktop panel.



Anil Kumar M.