Catalyst 3850 port based netflow

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 30, 2016
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I was trying to setup a 3850 ipbase to do some flows collition .. That is not an option that i can see.


I have flows enabled on my 3750x and 4500s ..

The quick reading i found  the info below but do not have the comand options to enable smart logging , and i dont see any howto in any config guide..  Anyone out there doing netflows from 3850 interfaces *not wireless controllers* ?  Would you please post were you got your doc and or a working config.. Thanks




Cisco 3850 supports Cisco Smart Logging and Telemetry.

This Cisco Smart Logging and Telemetry is a unique NetFlow v9 export, which can not be used as regular NetFlow v9 which generates reports on Top Applications, ports, hosts etc.


Therefore, Any NetFlow v9 capable software can receive these packet sections along with additional information when an event is triggered on a switch. SLT also allows the analyzing software to generate application visibility data up to Layer 7 from the collected packet information.