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    IP address is missing in Email

      1)  I have successfully reserved UCCX for 4 hours, I want to try Finesse for Inbound and Outgoing calls.I have got the Email confirmation with below details.


      • Lab Network Address: ****
      • Username: ******
      • Password: ****

      But to connect to VPN with AnyConnect  , I need to use VPN IP address right?. I can't find the IP address.

      2)  Let me know what I  am doing is fine. Is there any alternate way to try and test the Finesse or calls.

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          The public hostname of the VPN headend is supplied in the email. In this case its "devnetsandboxlabs.cisco.com/rave04". Enter this into the Anyconnect client and use the credentials provided to complete the connection.


          Information can be found in the Finesse tab in the instructions pane in the topology page.


          Let us know if you encounter any other issue.


          Joe Kearns