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REM 10.6.2 SDK Issue -ACBUC Delegate Callback Error

Question asked by prashant3.pandey1 on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by prashant3.pandey1



I integrated 10.6.2 CSDK for Voice and Video functionality in our app. It was running fine previously and calls were placing successfully after getting session.

Currently I am getting the issue after calling start-session method to library. That is, after sending session token, there are callback methods which have to executed after starting session but now no callback function is getting called after start session call to ACBUC framework.


The callback methods are as follows : -



* A notification to indicate that the session has been initialized successfully.



- (void) ucDidStartSession:(ACBUC *)uc ;

- (void) ucDidFailToStartSession:(ACBUC *)uc ;

- (void) ucDidLoseConnection:(ACBUC *)uc ;

- (void) ucDidReceiveSystemFailure:(ACBUC *)uc ;

- (void) uc:(ACBUC*)uc willRetryConnectionNumber:(NSUInteger)attemptNumber in:(NSTimeInterval)delay ;