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Finesse Queue API alternative Supervisors to exclude Team config

Question asked by bwestby2015 on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by dekwan

I've been working with the user.GetQueues(userID) method and have found that when logged in as a supervisor the Queues collection returned is all queues assigned to agents on the teams I'm a supervisor of.


If I manage Teams A and B, and Team A has Agent A assigned to Skill Group A, and Team B has Agent B assigned to Skill Group B, I will see both Skill Group A and B in my collection.


While this makes sense for use in some of the Finesse stock gadgets, why can't I just find out for my logged in Supervisor the actual UCCE skill groups my supervisor is a member of?  If I have a "working" supervisor, i.e. one who manages teams and takes ACD calls, I can't find a method to determine which skill groups my supervisor belongs to.  If my supervisor is a member of Skill Groups A, B, and C I want to just get those skill groups back regardless of my Team management configuration.


user.GetQueues works fine when an agent role is involved, because an agent can't belong to more than one team, I always just get back the skill groups assigned to my agent.    But if I'm a supervisor, I can't figure out a way to just get back my actual skill group memberships, I don't want to consider which teams I'm a member of, I want to get just skill groups back for my logged in Supervisor.  I tried the Rest /finesse/api/User/<supervisorID>/Queues and it does the same thing, it returns skill groups based on my team management configuration.


Is it possible to get the list of skill groups a supervisor is assigned to and without involving the team configuration?



Bill Westby.