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Setting up Finesse endpoints

Question asked by schernezky on Nov 4, 2016
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We've recently purchased a Finesse lab that I've been trying to set up.

I'm a bit stuck on what I think is getting the endpoints set up for Finesse. I've configured the users in UCM and I think I have a couple devices set up with associated DNs, but when I try to sign into Finesse I just get the message "The device associated with that extension or dial number is invalid."

I've also been unable to get Jabber or IP Communicator to log in, which I think I need running before signing into Finesse.

Since I'm not terribly familiar with the UCCX environment I've tried to follow the UCCX and UCM admin guides as best I can, but I'm not sure I do have everything set up correctly.


Is anyone able to point me to the appropriate documentation to get Finesse all set up with an agent and endpoint that I'm able to log into?