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CMX System Error when pulling Map images

Question asked by rgibson117 on Oct 26, 2016
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I am trying to pull maps from a CMX I am working on but was getting "CMX: System Error" when trying to pull the map files.  I was able to replicate it in the DevNet Sandbox.  I expect both of these queries to return me an image file, in fact the same image:


I know that my authorization header is correct (learning / learning) as I can pull /api/config/v1/maps without issue, which is where I got the file name and campus/building/flood names in the above URLs.  I'm using postman but the results are the same with curl.


At the time of this writing the Sandbox was version 10.2.3.  The system I ultimately want to query is 10.2.2.


Am I doing something incorrectly or is there an error in the system somewhere?  Thanks,