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Cisco Finesse JS lib documentation? and I don't mean this []

Question asked by ranamuhammadwaqas on Oct 25, 2016
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I have been trying to understand the Cisco Finesse JS Library to implement a Gadget for Finesse. But I am unable to find any reasonable document which can make me understand what is actually going on behind the scene. let me share what I found

Cisco Finesse Webservice Guide Chapter 9

Cisco Finesse JS Lib (Doesn't make any sense)


I have downloaded a sample gadget and I am actually able to get the events on Start of a call and at the end of the call, But I don't know how it is happening for example (I'll be putting comments in code )



  * Handler for additions to the Dialogs collection object. This will occur when a new
  * Dialog is created on the Finesse server for this user.
   handleNewDialog = function(dialog) {




  * Handler for deletions from the Dialogs collection object for this user. This will occur
  * when a Dialog is removed from this user's collection (example, end call)
   handleEndDialog = function(dialog) {


  callvars = dialog.getMediaProperties();
   var userId = user.getId();
   //alert ("value modified" +callvars["callVariable1"]);
  // decrement the number of dialogs




This code has handleNewDialog and handEndDialog, There is absolutely no information about these two methods how and why these are working in any kind of document I have ever come across. I found author of the finesse.js written in the file


* Simple JavaScript Inheritance
* By John Resig
* MIT Licensed.
// Inspired by base2 and Prototype


Searched through his website John Resig - and found nothing actually I did find a word "finesse" but that wasn't cisco finesse.


I would really appreciate if someone has any document link or can explain the flow.