Finesse - Feature Enchancements

Discussion created by gorourke on Oct 13, 2016
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To help keep publish and allow other participate, I am creating this discussion to list possible Feature Enchantments for Finesse.

Priority Level from 1(low) to 5 (high).


Feature List

  • Proxy Server (Priority Level 4)
  • Agent Stats (Priority Level 5)
  • Auto Logout (Priority Level 2)
  • Blind Transfer (on UCCX) (Priority Level 5)


Proxy Server

If you configure a internet based Gadget, the Finesse Server and not just the Client Browser connects needs to the Gadget.

But Finesse currently has no ability to configure a Proxy server, making it difficult to enable internet access in corporations, so hard to enable cloud / internet based gadgets.


Finesse should have a internet proxy server config, with a no proxy list (comma separated, supporting wildcards) - as per a standard proxy browser) that can be configured so internal address don't use the proxy server.

Auto Logout

When an agent closes the browser, Finesse agent stays logged. It does not time out. This could be classified as a bug as the documentation states otherwise. Agent should auto log out if agent closes browser after X mins. I believe there is a keep alive timer or 30 seconds, so maybe after 180 seconds (3 keep-alives?), the agent should be logged out if browser is closed?


Agents Stats

The Current Live Data report shows the same data for the team. It does not show Agent stats, which many contact centres need so that Agents can hit their KPIs.

Cisco have already created this feature in CAD. It needs to be available in Finesse.

I have had significant level of complains over this issue:


CAD Stats below - These need to be available via a Agent Live Data Report