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Updating call variables failing for the call type AGENT_INSIDE

Question asked by AzizShaik on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by dekwan



we ran in to a scenario where in we couldn't update the call variables for a call that the agent dialed out using our custom app.


below is the scenario where the update is failing


Agent places a call to a customer by calling the make_call api.

Customer gets the call and accepts the call and Agent and the customer are talking

Agent now wants to conference another agent to talk with the customer, when the agent initiates a conference, we send a call data update request first and once the call data update event succeeds, we then initiate the conference. in this case we get an error mentioned below






        <errorType>Call Variable is protected</errorType>









attached is the log of our app..


it works perfectly fine with a regular inbound call.


Can any one please help us out.