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Call monitor for SIP phone on SRST

Question asked by oprochazka on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by rguttyve

Hi All,


  do anybody know, if there is chance to monitoring calls for SIP phone on SRST (CME in SRST mode) gateway?


I need to receive information about ringing and connected call - calling and called numbers.


I tried:

- CME CTI - this API doesn't support SIP phones

- subscribe for presence on CME - I receive only presence information that phone/line is busy - this information is without any calling/called numbers.

- subscribe for dialog events - I receive OK confirmation, but next I don't receive any notify message from GW

- subscribe for telephone-event - same as for dialog events

- TCP and UDP version of SIP - same result

- sending SUBSCRIBE request directly to the phone - the phone reject these requests - with response 489