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UCS Director REST API -> emc_vnx:userAPIgetAllStoragePortWWNs

Question asked by snoopj123 on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by snoopj123

I'm attempting to get this to work, but all I'm ever getting out of the request is an error message of:


{ "serviceResponse":null, "serviceError":"REMOTE_SERVICE_EXCEPTION: Account does not exist.", "serviceName":"InfraMgr", "opName":"emc_vnx:userAPIgetAllStoragePortWWNs" }


Unfortunately, I know the account information I'm passing is correct.  Anyone else experiencing issues with this API?  I believe my account information is correct because when I use accounts:userAPIGetAccountTypeByName and send the string for the account, it returns back the right information I'm expecting.  Just no idea why it's whining about it in the call referenced in the discussion.