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How to connect to UCCX Finesse REST API from Third-party App

Question asked by on Oct 6, 2016
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Hi Experts,

As part of a customer POC, we are trying to make use of UCCX Finesse REST API to utilize certain functions available with Finesse. We tried connecting to the Web Service with an Application User ID created inside CUCM. We are not able to connect to Finesse with that ID. We have provided CTI enabled and AXL access to that application User ID. Could you share any document that shows how to connect to Finesse REST API from a third-party app ?

Another question is regarding Feasibility :

Is it possible to initiate manual outbound from Agent IPCC Extensions using Finesse REST API.

The idea is to use a Third-party application where the Agent clicks on a customer's Phone Number and that application would initiate a REST call to dial out that number from Agent's phone.