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Please provide documentation of available resources in ACI Hardware Sandbox

Question asked by jmunk on Sep 29, 2016
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Hi' Devnet Sandbox Team

I have used the ACI Hardware Sandbox lab To Day in a 2 hours "window".

One of my primary purposes is to "verify" my configuration with real traffic between physical and virtual hosts. Most other configuration I can do in APIC Simulators.

I will request precise documentation about which physical and virtual ACI and server/VM resources I actually have at my disposal in this Sandbox, such that I can safely use/change/delete/recreate them without negatively effecting other users.

- Some examples are:

    - the leaf switches and their ports includuing the port to the Ubuntu Physical Server

    - the Ubuntu Physical Server it self

    - VM's on the ESXI host

    - vCenter: I could not access that with any of the credentials provided (some differences between the "online"  topology and the PDF document)

        - Am I allowed to access vCenter and can I create/delete/change VMs there?   

    - the APIC, the tenants on the APIC

        - apparently other test users were / had been active and created their tenants, snd some of them had "taken" the EPG physical path mapping to the Ubuntu Server. Could I have "taken" this physical path away from the and used it my self, because the other users were in reality no longer active?


Lacking this documentation about availabe resources, I of course had to be very cautious and to refrain resources, which I was not sure I could safely use, and this was a huge limitation.


I of course looked throughly for such documentation but could not find it. If it is there, then please provide clear link to it.


I look forward to my next "window" with the Sandbox.