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LUA script to remove "lr" in record-route header

Question asked by ericlinji on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by mstover

Dear all,


Did anyone know how to remote "lr" in Record-route header to solve the bug CSCux82917?


CSCux82917, it describes:


CUCM cored - SIP Incoming message without Contact Header


CCM service crashing because Message does not contain the contact header on the SIP message, as per RFC 3261:
The Contact header field provides a SIP or SIPS URI that can be used to contact that specific instance of the UA for subsequent requests.
The Contact header field MUST be present and contain exactly one SIP or SIPS URI in any request that can result in the establishment of a dialog.


Disable loose routing from the Server who sends the response Or Use a LUA script to remove 'lr' from the record-route header

We need this LUA script to remove "lr" urgently.  Please help.

Thank you.