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Students - How do the Learning Tracks work for you?

Question asked by kikuehl on Sep 16, 2016

As the world of networking evolves, we hope to inspire your curious mind with the resources we've created inside Cisco DevNet. While our learning tracks have been created with professional developers in mind, we would like to introduce students like you to join our community and help create the future of networking together. We would love to hear your ideas about our Learning Tracks. Our goal is to continue to inspire you to explore some more.

Check out the Network Programmability for Network Engineers Learning Track and provide your feedback.


Please review the first Programming Foundation module and take a look at the first lab.

    • What feedback do you have on the Coding 101: REST API Basics lab?
    • Is it easy to follow? How can we improve it to better meet your needs?


Thanks for your time and feedback. We look forward to continuing our discussion as you comment below and engage with our community managers.