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40G aggregation with Catalyst switches  (and Cat6800 questions)

Question asked by a-nilsson on Sep 14, 2016
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What catalyst platform do I use to aggregate my cat3850 switches with 2port 40G uplinks?  Still missing a 40 line card to my 6807XL chassis.  Any plans for a 12port 40G 3850?


Also what released line cards benefits from the improved fabric speed on the new Sup6T?


Locking at your marking of the Supervisor 6T it talks about investment protection you market cat6800 as ready for 40/100G but no such line card is yet to be found.

I think it's time for Cisco to show their plans and intentions with the Cat6800 platform since we can't seriously motivate any further investments in the 6807XL platform if we can't get any proper 40G and 100G linecards beginning of next year.



Anders Nilsson

Network consultant Umeå university and leader of the Swedish SUNET Techical Reference Group