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Disable video track on audio calls

Question asked by bcason on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by bcason

I would like to override the "hold man" image with html based UI resources when a call sets up with remote audio but no remote video. the "hasVideo" method always returns true, even when the remote user does not have video capabilities, and when i getVideoTracks from the remoteMediaStream object it also returns as having video tracks, so I have no way of knowing when a call sets up with audio only.


I have been able to achieve what I'm looking for by setting video.on.hold=false in the file. Then the remoteMediaStream object returns no video track and I can update my UI accordingly. However, when I do this, and I attempt to transfer the call to another phone that does have audio (ie. I move a call from an audio queue to a video agent) I get all sorts of SDP negotiation failures on the media broker and the call fails. Is this a supported configuration? Is there a better way for me to achieve this end state?