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How to show something from user object, for ex: user.getLastName() in my gadget?

Question asked by anton_kriventsev on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by anton_kriventsev

Dear colleagues!


I'm just start using finesse 10.5.

I want to practice in developing my custom gadgets, so I've decided to create small one, which will show the user information, like header.js does, for example user.getLastName();


I spent couple of days  to investigate the finesse's behavior in a browser, and I cut a fragment for my example from the header.js.


So look at attached files please.

The idea is very simple: one div on a form which has 'empty' word by default, after gadget is loaded and testNS.js is executed, then 'empty' must be replaced with agent's last name.


The problem is: _user_ is 'undefined' and user.getLastName() returns nothing.


Thanks in advance.