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    Making REST invocations on CMX Sandbox




      I am trying to integrate my solution with Cisco's CMX Mobility Services.


      I have read the instructions provided here (https://developer.cisco.com/site/cmx-mobility-services/) and here (https://developer.cisco.com/site/cmx-mobility-services/documents/cmx-10.2-api-reference/index.gsp). And I am now logged in https://msesandbox.cisco.com:8081/ sandbox.


      However, it seems to me that no one is being tracked in the example locations (CiscoLiveLatAm and DevNetCampus) since I see no points in the maps, other than the APs.


      What I am really interested in is to access the real-time location of people in a room, for this I am integrating with CMX REST API, but I can't seem to figure out which is the correct sandbox endpoint URL. So far I am trying to invoke the services from https://msesandbox.cisco.com:8081 (eg: https://msesandbox.cisco.com:8081/api/presence/v1/clients) but with no success.


      What am I missing?



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          The CMX REST API resources are what you need, see the learning labs under the CMX tag Cisco DevNet Learning Labs.  The CMX sandbox GUI provides a lot of information about the location services available, but the REST API is needed for designing networked applications.  The CMX sandbox is running a simulation of the Wireless Lan Controller (WLC) which provides 80 active wireless clients, moving with in the floors of DevNetCampus and the CiscoCampus.  The floor of CiscoLiveLatAm currently has no APs configured and therefore no wireless client tracking.


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