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WebEx Messenger SAML error code 31 when auto creating user

Question asked by jacovmosto on Aug 29, 2016



When attempting to auto create a user in WebEx Messenger with our SAML IdP, we receive the following error message:


<federatedSSO><title>Connect Client Single Sign On</title><status>FAILURE</

status><errorcode>31</errorcode><reason>Auto Account Creation failed.</reason></federatedSSO>


Looking at Knowledge Base - My Resources and Knowledge Base - My Resources, we have double-checked and there is no existing user with the same email address.

So it seems WebEx Messenger is expecting an attribute which the SAML IdP is not sending over. Although it does include the uid, firstname, lastname and email - which are the required fields according to Cisco documentation.


This is what our IdP sends over:


      <saml:Attribute Name="uid">


      <saml:Attribute Name="email">
      <saml:Attribute Name="firstname">
        <saml:AttributeValue>Webex Changed</saml:AttributeValue>
      <saml:Attribute Name="lastname">
      <saml:Attribute Name="Generator">

Any ideas where the issue may be?


Thank you