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Finesse - Sometimes the makeCall function does not work.

Question asked by valbercarvalho on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by dekwan

I have a Gadget with three principal activities:

1) show two buttons during the wrap up time.

2) write a value in a ecc variable.

3) callback to the customer  if the call was dropped during the conversation clicking on the button during the wrap up time.



Both number 1 and 2 are working fine,

Number 3 the most of time works fine, but sometimes happens an Exception when I click on callback button. 



Seeing the finesse logs I found this exception:



subsystem_exception_info=][tid=http-8080-13][version_number=Unknown product_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1]: Information associated with the following logged exception

0000000038: Aug 23 2016 15:32:58.570 -0300: %CCBU_http-8080-13-3-CONFIG_UTIL_INSTANCE_EXCEPTION: %[exception=java.lang.Exception][request_method=Agent - Getting columns for manageCall]: An error has occurred when obtaining the config util instance

0000000039: Aug 23 2016 15:32:58.570 -0300: %CCBU_http-8080-13-3-EXCEPTION_INFO: %[build_date=Dec 31, 1969 9:00 PM][build_type=rel][exception=java.lang.Exception





Anybody could help me with this issue, please?

It is my first time with Gadget.



Thank you,

Best Regards



Valber Carvalho