Tech TIP:  How to block unwanted Display IE in incoming ISDN CONNECT messages from being displayed on IP phone

Discussion created by deepaul on Nov 17, 2009
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With Callmanager 4.0,when outbound ISDN calls are made from IP phone and the  Connected Party presentation is set to 'Restricted' on the route pattern ,the  phone displays ‘To Private’ in connected state.To get a blank display without  the 'To private' display, you need to set the Connected party presentation to  'Allowed' and block the display IE in the incoming ISDN connect message.


Inorder to block the Display IE in incoming ISDN CONNECT messages from  being displayed on IP phone, enter  'IgnoreDisplayIEinConnect' in the  Description field of the PRI Gateway Configuration page.This should block  Display IE in the incoming CONNECT message. However, it will not block Display  IE from other messages, such as CALL_PROC and ALERTING: