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From finesse making a conference call to ivr via CTI route point

Question asked by hossain.ashfaque on Aug 15, 2016
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I have a requirement to make a conference call from finesse. The flow is as below.


1. Agent receives an Inbound call.

2. For further authentication agent need to send the customer to ivr.

3. Agent press a button in Finesse which triggers a conference call with IVR via CTI route point.


To achieve that we created a button on Finesse once the agent press this button it use Dialog—Make a Consult Call Request to call the CTI route point and then to make this call as conference call it use Dialog—Take Action on Participant with CONFERENCE as the action. But we observed that Finesse only able to make consult call and put the customer on hold and not able to complete the conference.


From the logs we can see that Dialog—Take Action on Participant with CONFERENCE executes properly. But it did not reflected on either Finesse screen or in IP phone. Also there is no error message.

Can any one help me on how to make conference call using Finesse Web service /API