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Calling External Api

Question asked by on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by dekwan

Hello ,


I have tried to call the external public API for testing from the gadget which runs within Finesse Server.

But it is not working due to cross domain policy .


Is Finesse allows to call external API hosted in different servers ?

Below is the code i have modified from Sample Webservice gadget.


// TODO: change Rest path to match your own web server

  this.myrestRequest("/country/get/iso2code/IN", {

                method: 'GET',

                success: handlers.success,

                error: handlers.error,

                content: contentBody,


            return this;


mymakeRequest : function (url, handler, params) {

            clientLogs.log("mymakeRequest(): in method");


            params = params || {};

            params[] = params[] || {};



            // This is the url we want to get to:

  "") + url, handler, params);

            clientLogs.log("mymakeRequest(): io.makeRequest to"+url);