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LUA Traces for SIP Normalization

Question asked by phampson on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by phampson

I'm trying to figure out if i'm doing something wrong.  I'm looking to get traces for the LUA script to show in CUCM log files.  I see the system referencing my LUA script by name in the logs, but my actual attempt to write logging from within the script is not happening.  In order to isolate the script down to just to verifying logging is reliable, my script now looks like this.  the message "LUA-TRACE: INITIALIZE LUA SCRIPT" does not appear in the CUCM SDL files on the server that is processing the call.   This lua script is applied via SIP Profile to a telepresence endpoint. 


M = {}

                Function M.Inbound_INVITE(msg)


                                trace.format("LUA-TRACE: INITIALIZE LUA SCRIPT")


                return M