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UCCX: Issue Updating Custom Variables (Update Dialog, UPDATE_CALL_DATA)

Question asked by jdiegmueller on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by jdiegmueller

I am attempting to update a custom variable field (specifically, callVariable1) from an external CRM system.

This works if I authenticate as the Agent's username/password, but fails if I attempt to use a service/Administrator account -- the failure scenario is slightly different depending on the UCCX version:

* UCCX 10.6(1): Finesse Tomcat returns HTTP 202 Accepted, but no change is made.  I traced this to CSCut86977, and was advised by TAC to upgrade to 11.0(1) as it contains the fix.  However,

* UCCX 11.0(1): Finesse Tomcat returns HTTP 401 Unauthorized, and does not make the change.


Obviously it won't be possible for the external CRM system to authenticate as the Agent as it doesn't know the Agent usernames/passwords (nor do we want it to). 


Is there another way to have an external system update the custom variable fields that I am overlooking?