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Video Connection Problem Cisco 8941

Question asked by on Jul 27, 2016

We are trying to connect from a computer with an Sip Library to an Cisco 8941, which is connected with an Cisco Call Manager.

The problem we are facing is, that on the given Port from the 8941 the connection are not working.


Here is a brief description of the problem:


Our engineers checked the wireshark log you sent us and it can be seen that
Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK sends the H264 packets to the Cisco IP phones as soon as
the call is established.

The process is the following:

1. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK starts to establish the call with the Cisco IP
2. The following information can  be read in the Connection Information
header in the SDP of the 200 OK SIP response which was received by Ozeki
VoIP SIP SDK: the Cisco 8941 requests the Video to port 16452 of the IP address.
3. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK starts to send the H264 packets after the call is
4. The Cisco 8941 sends back that the port is unreachable on the given IP

Type: 3 (Destination unreachable)
Code: 3 (Port unreachable)

Based on the log file Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK works correctly. Maybe the Cisco
PBX sends something incorrectly to the Cisco IP telephone. It could be an
other cause of the issue that the Cisco IP telephone process the SIP message
of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK wrongly. I would like to ask you to inquiry at Cisco
support about this issue. Maybe they can give you more information about the
cause of the issue at their end.

Does anybody know the problem or a solution to get the video working?

Is it any setting in the Call Manager?

Thank your for your help.