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Not able to access APIC REST APIs with web token

Question asked by on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by davbark2



I have written a Simple Java REST client using Spring boot framework and tried to access APIs exposed by APIC.


1. I am able to get proper response from POST request :

POST : https://[apic ip]/api/aaaLogin.json?gui-token-request=yes



"aaaUser" : {

"attributes" : {

"name" : "username",

"pwd" : "password"





2. To make subsequent REST request I have used url token provide by above REST response as header with name 'APIC-challenge'


GET : https://[apic-ip]/api/class/topSystem.json


I got following response : Response code : 403

"text":"Need a valid webtoken cookie (named APIC-Cookie) or a signed request with signature in the cookie APIC-Request-Signature for all REST API requests"


Kindly suggest.