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cmx mobile app server required?

Question asked by linghu258 on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by matfarre

Hi there,


I have a couple of questions below I wished to asked:


1) Does creating an android mobile application for cisco cmx requires a cmx mobile app server ? Or could I just pull data straight from the cisco cmx server and display it in the mobile application.


2) If it doesn't require a cmx mobile app server in question 1.
I had actually spend couple of hours trying to pull data from the cmx sandbox environment (msesandbox) and display the data on an android mobile applications, such example, pulling a list of users from the cmx sandbox environment and display it on an android mobile applications. I've tried to pull the data via using the cisco cmx API and code it in android studio but I have some trouble doing so.


I've was given the cisco cmx API doc link, but I need some help calling the API in android studio <- any guide with this would help greatly, thanks.


3) I have found an mobile app guide (…). I was following the guide on "Import and Run CMX Sample Core Application" but I have encounter an error when running the app. The app would crash after I have click either of the buttons "Display all info" or "get venue list". I have include some pictures of the error.


When I looked into the logcat, it would refer me to line 121, which is
"CMXClient.getInstance().loadVenues(new CMXVenuesResponseHandler() {" and when I tried to debug it there is a message saying "CMXClient has not been initialized"


Was wondering if anyone could help me debug it.